Marketing is a wild ride, and staying ahead of the curve is a must. But with the industry changing faster than a chameleon changes colors, educational institutions can't always keep up. That's why digital marketing workshops are a game-changer - they offer hands-on training that equips marketers with the technical skills they need to thrive. And that's exactly what Angelica discovered when she signed up for DHMG's Scaleable Digital Sales System Workshop in early 2022.

Angelica's story is seriously impressive - not only had she just started her first job, but she was also the first employee at her company. But with a bit of help from our workshop, she quickly proved herself as a valuable asset to her employer. In fact, her skills and expertise in digital marketing were so impressive that she was recently promoted to the Head of Operations position. Talk about a success story!

I had a chance to chat with Angelica and learn more about her experience with the DHMG workshop. Let’s dive in.

"I had literally no technical knowledge prior to Dylan’s workshop, but I came out of it feeling like I just been given a “cheat code” for achieving success in marketing."


Q: Hey Angelica, first things first: what was your job title before taking the Scaleable Digital Sales Systems workshop, and what is your current job title after your promotion?

A: I was hired to be a digital marketing coordinator, and now I am the head of operations and we also have a team of 13 employees now. We’ve definitely been growing fast.

Q: How did the skills you learned in the workshop help you get promoted?

A: The skills I learned in the workshop helped me to understand the value of analytics and how to use them to communicate direction and insight to the rest of the team. Being able to quantify our ideal customers was also a major benefit.

I really believe that understanding marketing analytics is so much more valuable than just applying it to different ad campaigns (which is still important). Being able to read our marketing analytics and the knowledge I’ve gained from our analytics has helped me communicate direction and insight to every other part of our business. Analytic insight helped me provide some really strong recommendations early on in my career, and I’ve continued to use processes I learned with Dylan in my new role.

Q: What specific skills or knowledge did you gain from the workshop that you found most valuable?

A: Being able to read and draw insights from analytics and then communicate that clearly across the team was the most valuable skill I gained. This has helped significantly with problem solving and resource management. We’re a small team with a lot of responsibilities. I use analytics to help prioritize what we need to focus on in the present, and what can wait. Learning how to set relevant and realistic KPIs and initiatives was also incredibly useful. It gave me the ability to quickly determine what we should continue doing, and when we needed to pivot.

Q: How have you been able to apply the skills you learned in the workshop to your current role?

A: I've been able to set KPIs and initiatives for our team, and I can protect tech resources by using simple operations in Google Analytics rather than getting custom-built point solutions.

Q: Can you describe a project or task that you were able to complete successfully using the skills you learned in the workshop?

A: I was able to use the skills I learned to create an analytics dashboard that helped us to track the success of our marketing campaigns in real time. This allowed us to make adjustments on the fly and optimize our campaigns for maximum ROI. Because I was able to do all of this myself, I was able to keep our development team free and focused on product development. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to mention about our workshop?

A: The benefit of the workshop is learning how to find an answer to what is working and what isn't. In the current economic climate, marketing can be a precarious role, but being able to measure your performance can insulate yourself and your business from being fired or damaging profits. Being able to justify what you think should happen next will take you a long way in your career, and analytics can help provide that justification. Analytics might not always provide the right answer, but it really helps you ask the right questions.

I had literally no technical knowledge prior to Dylan’s workshop, but I came out of it feeling like I just been given a “cheat code” for achieving success in marketing. The biggest difference between other marketing workshops I’ve taken and Dylan’s workshop, was the hands-on, step-by-step approach Dylan took throughout the workshop. Most other workshops spend a lot of time on definitions and high-level concepts, but I left Dylan’s workshop with concrete, tangible takeaways that have been invaluable for me since we finished. 

I just learned so much and left the workshop with so many ideas for improving things for our team. I know I’ve got lots left to learn, but working with Dylan really helped me get to the next level in my career.

"Being able to read our marketing analytics and the knowledge I’ve gained from our analytics has helped me communicate direction and insight to every other part of our business."

Finishing Up

In today's fast-paced digital age, it's more important than ever for marketers to stay ahead of the curve. But with so many new technologies and platforms emerging all the time, it can be tough to keep up. That's where digital marketing workshops come in. They offer a valuable solution to the gap in technical skills education that many marketing professionals face.

But don't just take our word for it – let Angelica's success story speak for itself. After attending DHMG's Scaleable Digital Sales System Workshop, Angelica was able to make significant contributions to her company and even secure a well-deserved promotion. She credits the hands-on, practical training she received at the workshop with equipping her with the tools she needed to succeed in an ever-changing industry.

One of the most valuable skills Angelica gained was the ability to read and draw insights from analytics – something that's becoming increasingly important in the world of marketing. By being able to communicate these insights effectively across teams, marketers can prioritize tasks, set KPIs, and make data-driven decisions that lead to success.

Overall, the DHMG workshop was a game-changer for Angelica, and she highly recommends it to anyone looking to take their marketing career to the next level. With the right training and skills, marketers can stay ahead of the curve and achieve success in their field. So why not invest in yourself and your career by attending a digital marketing workshop today? You never know what opportunities it could lead to!

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