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Dylan Hergott

Dylan Hergott, a seasoned digital marketing expert, has spent over a decade immersed in the Saskatchewan digital marketing landscape. With extensive experience collaborating with nearly 100 diverse businesses, his expertise spans a wide range of digital marketing capacities.

Hailing from rural Saskatchewan, Dylan's family roots in farming and entrepreneurship have significantly influenced his professional approach. Today, he is driven by collaborating with other like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs originating from the prairie ecosystem. Dylan takes immense pride in his strong connection to the prairie start-up scene, particularly through his involvement with institutions such as Co.Labs, Innovation Place, and Cultivator in Saskatchewan.

Leveraging his passion and experience in managing over $200,000 of ad spend for independent, small, and medium-sized businesses, Dylan offers his flagship course, Scalable Digital Sales Systems, to help businesses of all stripes excel in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Graham Buksa

Graham Buksa, a distinguished entrepreneur, product designer, and digital marketer, is devoted to creating unique, purposeful brands and products that positively impact people's lives. His exceptional business development and product design efforts have earned him numerous accolades, with some of his designs even being featured in the Smithsonian's permanent collection.

As a Fractional CMO, Graham has skillfully assisted both B2B and DTC product, service, and SaaS businesses in formulating and executing scalable marketing strategies. His contributions have led to the sale of nearly 500k products, over 12 million organic video views, and an impressive $25M+ in sales.

Drawing upon two decades of experience, Graham shares his extensive knowledge through his comprehensive course, Modern Marketing Strategy and Management, empowering individuals and businesses of all sizes to elevate their digital marketing skills.

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