We take pride in our ability to teach entrepreneurs and professional marketers the various skills needed to build successful digital marketing systems. That ability, and the success of our students, clearly shows up in the numbers.

Below is a collection of recent success stories from a variety of different businesses. No matter your current experience, or the size or industry of your business, we're confident one or more of our workshops have something to offer you. 


Omnee is a Saskatchewan start-up aiming to make the lives of homeowners a little easier through an app that makes it easy to find any and all contractors needed for home improvement projects. But as an early-stage startup, funds for marketing and advertising are limited.

That's why they turned to DHMG - to learn how to build a cost-conscious, high-performance Google Ads engine that they could manage without the help of an expensive agency. They were able to learn about the processes of building a market-penetration campaign and how to use conversion tracking to confirm their campaign was ROI-positive from Day 1.

In the two months following their workshop, they saw the following results:

- 66% lower average cost-per-click than other advertisers in their industry for similar positioning

- new lead conversion rate of 7.17%

- 30 new customers in markets they had never advertised in prior to their workshop

Prairie Sun Solar

Prairie Sun Solar is a Saskatchewan-based solar energy installer with a small team and big goals. They wanted to boost their leads without needing hiring a bigger sales team. They tried experimenting with Google Search Ads through a local agency, but weren't seeing results. Sure, website traffic was up significantly, but leads were stagnant.

They turned to DHMG to learn how to set up Google Ads for quality, not quantity. The following results were taken from the quarter following their workshop compared to the quarter prior. Best of all, they were able to increase leads while lowering their budget - they weren't able to keep up with all of the leads!

- Site-wide lead generation conversion rate increased by 143%

- Total site-wide leads increased by 169%

- Google Ads lead volume up 720% (41 vs 5)

- CRM automations installed to dynamically help organize high and low priority leads

Brew Ninja

Brew Ninja helps craft beverage makers organize and scale their operations through a full featured software platform. One of the challenges Brew Ninja has always faced is the reality of working in a "niche" industry. It isn't always possible to just "find more" customers. Instead, you need to get better at converting the smaller audiences that do exist.

After a DHMG workshop in early 2022 that focused on improving messaging and website user experience, Brew Ninja achieved the following results in the quarter following the workshop.

- 33% increase in website engagement metrics (time-on-page and session duration)

- 60% increase in lead generation conversion rate

- Successful handoff to in-house team has lead to continual conversion rate increases - year over year volume of leads is up 120%.

Our workshops have been approved for significant public funding in Saskatchewan & Alberta.

Don't forget to learn about the many options you and your employer have to subsidize your purchase of any DHMG workshop. We've been through the grant application process dozens of times and are here to help you understand eligibility requirements and how to get from application to execution.

Your Marketing, Your Way.

We place a priority on comprehension and understanding of course concepts above all else. After a DHMG workshop, we're confident you'll know enough to be dangerous (and then some) in areas like digital advertising, marketing strategy, digital analytics, and much more.

Whether you're a founder, a marketing professional in their prime, or someone just starting out in their career, you're here for a reason.

You're good at what you do. Are you ready to get better?

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