DHMG’s Understanding Google Analytics 4 workshop promises to give you the skills you need to successfully navigate the planned sunset of Universal Analytics without skipping a beat. We'll discuss all the topics you need to make Google Analytics 4 actionable and understandable.

This workshop consists of 24 hours of coaching and collaboration sessions over 4 weeks. Each week, we’ll take time to focus on a particular element of successful digital advertising systems using theory, skill building exercises, and real world application. Each week will build on the accomplishments in prior weeks, and after 4 weeks you’ll be feeling confident and prepared to continue optimizing your digital sales systems. 

Sessions are held remotely via video conference, and all of our real-world application will take place inside your business’s accounts. 

In total, this program entails 24 hours of personal workshop sessions and has a final cost of $3,600 + GST. Full payment is required prior to beginning the course. 

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Course Content

  • Week 1 - Introduction to General Web Analytics

    Topic 1 - Tools of the Trade - Overview of Google Analytics

    Topic 2 - Understanding Key Definitions (Metrics vs Dimensions)

    Topic 3 - Making Sense of Your Acquisition Data

    Topic 4 - Why do You Need to Care about GA4?

  • Week 2 - Introduction to Google Analytics 4

    Topic 1 - Tools of the Trade - Overview of Google Analytics 4

    Topic 2 - Benefits & Weaknesses of GA4

    Topic 3 - Crucial Setup Components

    Topic 4 - Intro to Event & Conversion Tracking

  • Week 3 - Introduction to Google Tag Manager

    Topic 1 - Tools of the Trade - Overview of Google Tag Manager

    Topic 2 - Breaking Down Tags, Triggers, & Variables

    Topic 3 - Using GTM Debug Mode

    Topic 4 - How & When to Implement Custom Event Tracking

  • Week 4 - Finalizing GA4 Infrastructure

    Topic 1 - Combining GTM & GA4 Event Tracking

    Topic 2 - Incorporating Custom Parameters & Dimensions

    Topic 3 - Troubleshooting Broken Conversion Tracking

    Topic 4 - How to Recreate Key UA Views via GA4 Custom Reports

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